Ultrashort Nonlinear Laser Interactions and Sources research group

Our research focuses on the field of intense ultrashort laser pulse interaction with matter

Our activities are grouped in 3 directions

Nonlinear Propagation - Filamentation

We study the filamentation of intense ultrashort laser pulses in transparent media both theoretically and experimentally. We tame laser filaments using photonic lattices and engineered wave packets.

Nonlinear THz Science

We develop intense THz sources based on laser filamentation. We work on extreme nonlinear THz optics applications and develop ultrafast THz modulators and sensors using 2D materials and metamaterials.

Laser Materials Engineering

We develop advanced laser engineering techniques. We employ tamed laser wave packets for 3D additive manufacturing and photonic structuring in the bulk of glasses and semiconductors.



Our facility is open to collaborations with European researchers through the Laserlab-Europe network. For more information, you may contact us at unis@iesl.forth.gr

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