FOOD safety TRaceability using
Advanced non-invasive Spectroscopic

FOODTRAST is a collaborative project between FORTH (UNIS group)
and AGROCRETA, a producer, packer and exporter of agricultural
products from the island of Crete.

Financed by the European Union and Greek national funds through the
 Operational Program RIS3Crete (KPHP1-0028622)

Agricultural products safety

Ensuring the quality of agricultural products is becoming increasingly important. The high request for premium food quality and safety throughout the whole food-chain, demands top standards of quality monitoring. In this direction, analytical and non-invasive tools are needed for the quantitative and qualitative detection of chemical substances (e.g. pesticides) that downgrade the overall quality of agricultural products.


The aim of FOODTRAST project is the development of a portable spectroscopic system for rapid, non-invasive, diagnostic and qualitative analysis of agricultural products in order to identify pesticide residues at an early stage. FOODTRUST targets for safety traceability from the field to the consumer by monitoring the products at the field from the first day of spraying till the final packaging.

Spectroscopic techniques for non-invasive chemicals detection.

Spectroscopy constitutes a non-invasive method for the rapid detection of chemical substances. FOODTRAST combines spectroscopic measurements at two different parts of the electromagnetic spectrum: terahertz (THz) and infrared (IR). Each one is complementing the other allowing for wide-spectrum precision measurements.