Our group is composed by young and dynamic staff, covering all the needs of a modern research lab in physical sciences. Principal researchers and students are supported by research assistants, while they also profit from complete electronic automation and 3D design support. Openings are available in a continuous basis for highly motivated and qualified candidates for joining our group (see Jobs).

Present Members

Stelios TzortzakisStelios Tzortzakis
Head of the UNIS group

Phone: +30.2810.391396 (Office), 1321 (Lab), 1300 (Sec.)
Fax:    +30.2810.391397
Dimitris Papazoglou Dimitris G. Papazoglou
Faculty member

Phone: +30.2810.391273 (Office), 1321 (Lab), 1300 (Sec.)
Fax:    +30.2810.391305
Vladimir Vladimir Fedorov
Associate Researcher

Texas A&M University at Qatar UNIS group
Tasos Tasos Koulouklidis
Postdoctoral Researcher

Phone: +30.2810.391386 (Office), 1321 (Lab), 1300 (Sec.)
Fax:    +30.2810.391305
Mary Mary Manousidaki
Ph.D. Student

Phone: +30.2810.391381 (Office), 1321 (Lab), 1300 (Sec.)
Fax:    +30.2810.391305
Dimitrios Dimitrios Mansour
Ph.D. Student

Phone: +30.2810.391291 (Office), 1321 (Lab), 1300 (Sec.)
Fax:    +30.2810.391305
Christina Daskalaki Christina Daskalaki
Research assistant

Phone: +30.2810.391374 (Office), 1321 (Lab), 1300 (Sec.)
Fax:    +30.2810.391305
Michalis Loulakis Michalis Loulakis
Research assistant

Phone: +30.2810.391420 (Office), 1321 (Lab), 1300 (Sec.)
Fax:    +30.2810.391305


NamePresent status
Haisu ZhangPost-doctoral Researcher, Université de Bourgogne, France
Andreas LemonisElectronics, IESL-FORTH, Greece
Christianna AlexandridiPhD candidate, CEA, Paris-Sud, France
Vaggelis MarakisPhD candidate, Univ. of Twente, The Netherlands
Maria MassaoutiAssociate Researcher, NTUA, Athens, Greece
Andrei GorodetskyAssociate Researcher, Dundee, UK
Paris PanagiotopoulosPost-doctoral Researcher, Tucson, Arizona, USA
Daryoush AbdollahpourResearcher, IASBS, Iran
Matthieu BellecCNRS Researcher, LPMC, Nice, France
Jean-Michel Manceau CNRS Researcher, IEF, Paris-Sud, France
Sergiy SuntsovAssociate Researcher, Hamburg, Germany
Takis LoukakosResearcher, IESL-FORTH, Greece
Despina AdamidouMBA, Help-Forward Network, Greece 
Dimitris TsikritsisPostgraduate student, The University of Edinburg 
Katerina StamatakiPhD candidate, IESL-FORTH, Greece 
Vassilis PapadakisStaff, IESL-FORTH, Greece
Michalis GalanakisElectronics, Chania, Greece 
Raphael El BorginiDesigner, Technical support, FORTH, Greece 

                           Group photo (11/2011)